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re: Blood/DPS DK


General Information 
Name: Michael
Age: 34
Location/Timezone: Adelaide GMT +9:30

Can you attend our farm content raids, (Wed/Thu/Sun)from 7pm -> 11pm AEST)?  Yes I can
Tell us a little about yourself: My name is Michael, I'm a qualified computer technician. 

Character Information 
Character Name: Zim
Class: DK
Armory Link:

List and describe any gear sets for other specs that you possess: My dps set is relatively strong due to the majority of my plate gear being effective. The main thing I'm missing in that relation is trinkets

Do you have any reasonably geared alts that you are prepared to play as well? List & describe them here: I have a 668 protection paladin that I'm proficient on.

Describe your role in a specific raid encounter (You have the freedom to pick any fight). Go into some detail in how you manage your character and cooldowns, your role may also be different - depending on how your guild does this fight, so explain what exactly you do. If you have done the encounter on Heroic, explain that difficulty rather then normal: 
On Mythic Kargath I ensure gierfiends is available to group mobs upstairs to provide efficient killing, calling and using externals as available for impales while using personal cds mostly for upstairs. Guiding the boss into uneeded flame pillars to reduce raid damage while also positioning effectively to avoid the knockback of chain hurl for myself and melee, as well as providing cleave opportunities on the tiger. 

Raiding Information 
Previous Raid Experience (guilds, ranks/roles, and content cleared - include Vanilla/BC if relevant): I was an officer in Last Attempt/Raid Leader and am now the Guild Leader of One Shot. The guilds progressions slowly increased over time really beginning to pick up in ToT, finishing US 89th, then SoO US 28th and Highmaul US 31st. Included in all relevant kills


Reason for leaving your current guild: 

Link to any recent combat parses (WMO, WoL, etc):
Link a screenshot of your UI (in combat, in a raid setting), use to upload your image: 
Unable to provide a screenshot currently but will do so ASAP
Explain your keybinds and key addon usage, you may use your UI screenshot to assist you in doing so: 
General keybinds include 1-5, z, x, c, v, r, f, mousewheels and downpresses with shift alt and control modifiers for each. Main addons include Big Wigs for boss timers and considerable weak aura usage of which I provide for each important debuff and effect in the raid.
List your computer's stats and your internet connection. Include average latency and FPS during raids: 

Recently built i7 system with GTX750. No d/c issues at all, smooth running. Generally 30-40 ping and 60+ fps throughout all encounters.    

Why do you want to join Honestly?: 
Due to circumstances One Shot is disbanding and I would like to continue to pursue high level raiding on a limited schedule and Honestly is the best option for that in the Oceanic scene.
Tell us why we should give you a trial: 
I have been a raid leader and guild leader of a top performing Oceanic guild for a considerable period of time, while in that time also performing highly as an individual player. 
Do you play any other games? Give us an idea of your general gaming background/history: 
I spend the majority of my gaming playing WoW, of which I have played since Vanilla.
If there is anything else you would like to add, or you have any closing comments, include them here:N/A


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re: Blood/DPS DK


This application is fake. I'm much older than suggested by the fake applicant!

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